Access keys

Each record is protected with an access key.
It is not possible to retrieve an lost key, so in that case you need to wait until system removes it automatically.

Updating record from url

Here you have some examples on how you can update your record/hostname.
1. You can access this link to specify an ip direct from your webbrowser:[MYRECORD]&dstip=[MYDESTINATIONIP]&accesskey=[MYACCESSKEY]
2. And you can also access this link and automaticly set the ip you are connection form:[MYRECORD]&accesskey=[MYACCESSKEY]
"Note that you have to change [MYRECORD], [MYDESTINATIONIP] and [MYACCESSKEY] with your values."

Updating record from crontab

Here is an example that you can insert in your crontab, this will update your hostname every 5 minutes (curl is required)
*/5 * * * * curl -k -m 10 "[MYRECORD]&accesskey=[MYACCESSKEY]" >/dev/null 2>&1
"Note that you have to change [MYRECORD] and [MYACCESSKEY] with your values."

Updating record from terminal

root@ubuntu:/# curl -k -m 10 "[MYRECORD]&accesskey=[MYACCESSKEY]"
"Note that you have to change [MYRECORD] and [MYACCESSKEY] with your values."

Remove record

It is not possible to manually remove record (exeptions for api users), they are automatically being removed when they haven't received any query or update in 30 days.
If you really need to remove a record, fill in the contact form and do not forget to include your access key.


This service supports 'ddclient' dynamic dns client with dyndns2 protocol.
Example configuration file can be downloaded here.
You should set your access key as the password and the username field can be set to whatever you prefer, it will not be used.

ddclient for windows can be found here, and for linux here.

Personal domains

If you would like to use your own personal domain then it is just as simple as setting and as nameservers for your domain and then specify Personal Domain in the dropdown list.
Just so you know, anyone can add records to your domain so do not forget to add all records that you want directly.


You need to be a registred user to be able to use our api functions so fill in this form to get in contact with us.
API v1 instructions can be found here.